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known as rehanmuhd. in her early 20s. major in Landscape Architecture. love to read books esp from Haruki Murakami, Lindsay Kelk and in love with poems by Michael Faudet & Lang Leav. Love indie music and band boys. 5SOS and All Time Low are her favorite.

still writing in 2016 if shes not busy or sleeping

1 year 2 months // Sunday, 19 March 2017
Weve been together for 1 year and 2 months and seriously, this is getting better eventho theres a little bit of fear in me that , after this we will be separated for awhile. we will be finished in our studies and we will entering the next phase of life : to get real job. This is the most crucial time in my life and Im getting nervous.

We fights. always. even for small things. but that makes us getting stronger and better. make me know him well. everyday is not the same but everyday with you is a blessing my man. theres so much more I want to know about you and Im willingly to spend the rest of my life with you. youre the best thing that ever happened in my life. 

random post // Sunday, 19 February 2017
Its been almost a month since my last post. Im excitedly to tell you a few stories and arghh. you know, semester 7 result just come out and it didnt goes well but anyway I passed and is now entering final year.

and you know what, we have this proposal presentation this 1st till 3rd of march and we will begin last semester session on 6th of march. im not ready yet. so heres the highlight for last month.

i decided to come home after 1 month here and H sent me off at bus station. 

30th january 2017
he was driving with unexplainable speed and I still feel the safest with him

and I always love his back view

and thats when I feel so heavy giving a good bye to my second home. home is not a place, its a feeling. 
and we had a date at Port Klang. Ive been wanted to go here since practical because hes been talking about his secret place. Maybe he was too busy and cant take me there. and now and can cross off this list. Im waiting for gym date ye baby.

4th february 2017
and next week, we supposedly had a movie date but H said that he had to work on saturday and we changed the plan, lepak at Dataran Shah Alam. 

10th february 2017
I love the moon on that night

and as always, I like taking his candid photo

and I know he like it haha
and last Friday, peja come to my place for 3 days. she planned to go to library for research but u know what, she didnt go pun. hahhaha. and she became my mua that movie date night and I also buy this new tudung and I love the design very much. we watched xxx on that night. 

17th february 2017
the make up

and we take a few shots

and heres the result

and one with this sado boy

I love you very much :)

hurts // Tuesday, 24 January 2017
why does it feels good and hurts the same time. why you keep hurting me?

part time job // Saturday, 21 January 2017
as semester 07 comes to the end, I decided to stay at shah alam for part time job. Its not easy to act strong when your inside wants to go home so badly. i feel empty eventho my friend is there beside me. it just feels different.

so tmrw, im gonna start my part time job as waitress at this shopping complex. Im excited and nervous at the same time as this is my first part time job as a waitress. wish me luck guys. So a few days ago, is my first anniversary with H. 

Im planned to do something memorable but failed because of the strong wind on that night. but H said that we can do it again at another time. 

and then me and kecik went to a few places for job hunting. glad that I got the job hehe. and we take a few shots for  fun!

 and then I bumped into Siah at Kaison. gosh. such a small world. she now works at Top Glove! Im glad for her. 

till then guys! have fun with your lifee

SEMESTER 07 DONE // Thursday, 12 January 2017
I just finished practical training presentation at UiTM Puncak Alam. and also ended my practical job at ELLE REKA SDN BHD. So everything is going back to normal. I have to start finding part time job. and be prepared for final year. everything happens so fast. I think I should slow down and enjoy the ride. I miss my man so much. Its been 2 weeks since our last date.

#STAYSTRONG // Thursday, 5 January 2017

no matter what happens, I always believe in us. Time will heals everythings. Things will be different onwards but I will fight for us as long as I can. relationship mana yang tak de ups and downs. argument and fights will make us stronger, and I will hold you and wont rest till you are fully mine! i love you  #staystrong 

accident : updated // Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Its been 2 weeks since the accident and alhamdulillah, my injury is getting better.

H tapau food for me after he getting off from work that friday.

16th december

kecik came the other day  to my place. she helped me with washing my motorcycle and also accompany me to buy groceries. 

17th december

I remembered how much the pains I beared when walked in the giant with this condition. my feet became swollen and the pain cant be explained. 

18th december
since my mc is only for 2 days, I had to go to work on Monday. 

19th december

and btw, sha massage my feet the night before I slept with minyak gamat. the result was suprising although my feet swollen back the day after because I walked too much.

23rd december
the day I date H , my feet was not swollen anymore and we got into fight at the same night because of small things. H and his panas baran and tiredness and we settled the things on the same night -_-

 I had a date with Zida and Tikah. We went to House of cat and dinner at Manhattan Fish Market at Aeon Mall Shah Alam

24th december

zida gave me some cream that helps my injury closed faster that I even got itching feet and its so hard to keep your hands from scratching there !

25th december

and theeen I had a dinner with friends since foundation days ! I love you guys so much

27th december

and last but not least, here my current feet.

28th december