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known as rehanmuhd. in her early 20s. major in Landscape Architecture. love to read books esp from Haruki Murakami, Lindsay Kelk and in love with poems by Michael Faudet & Lang Leav. Love indie music and band boys. 5SOS and All Time Low are her favorite.

still writing in 2016 if shes not busy or sleeping

// Tuesday, 6 December 2016

22 years old // Saturday, 3 December 2016
At the age of 22,

I almost finished my degree year.

Im in internship phase. Lot of things Ive learnt. Its like 90% I learnt it here. Im lucky as my company accept me to do industrial training there. Ive go to many places, many site and learn new things ; how to deal with people for quotation, learn construction method, setting out and of course good staff and director, and mad boss. hahahah!

At the age of 22,

I have this boy, H. Im so lucky to receive all love from him and how he changed my life in a year. You teach me many things. You teach me to be independent, to experience what it feels to be loved, tolerating each other, how we can survive in our world and many more. At the age of 22, I found my true love.

At the age of 22,

Im starting my own ig shop. Its called raisya_closet. I do dropship for the time being, learn how to attract customer, learn how to do business and many more. I will try to be an agent one day and maybe start my own business, my own label. InsyaAllah.

At the age of 22,

I set my aim to work as a Landscape Architect. I will do my best to improve my graphic, learn how to design , to do construction drawing and many more. I will buy my own car, or for the time being, I use abah's second car till my life is stable. I will start saving and treat my parents, my family. and then I will focus on marriage. 

and to my friends, thank you, for everything. really. 

22nd birthday // Saturday, 26 November 2016
my 22nd birthday was on last wednesday. its dull compared to last year. Maybe because we are all getting older, our priority changes. and also on that day, I had to stay at office till 11pm because we had to help En.Zul (one of my director) with his presentation. I understand that. and I had video call with H on that night till 2am. thank you for brighten my day love.

and last night, I had a date with him. We went to three different places and every places had their own story. Its an untold stories. Only the two of us now what really happen last night. and he gave me my birthday gift and also made a video for me. Its a collection of photos from our first date till now. It brings back a lot of memories with him. Weve been only together for 10 months but I feel like Ive known him for a long time. Thank you baby :)

my second home // Saturday, 29 October 2016

strength,hope and love (28/10/2016)

appreciation post // Friday, 21 October 2016
so glad that its already weekend. Im not going anywhere tonight. Today is a hell tiring for me. But not for you baby. You maybe twice tired than me. Sorry if sometimes I didnt think about how tired you are with works but still have time to reply to my text and some unimportant conversation. Maybe theres time Im acting up, need your attention and maybe reply to your text with harsh words. Im sorry if I always wanting you more and never get enough. 

You needs to know this that Im always the one that get excited everytime you ask me out. Even just for a dinner. You know how nervous I am everytime I gets to see you? It always like a first time baby. It always feels like this is our first date. It still feel new. 

You know how happy I am to be the girl of your life? To hear all your worries, your discomfort, your likes and dislikes, your happy day, your future plans? To receive unlimited love from you? To taste the sweetness of love from every inch of your body? 

Ive been in a relationship a few times but nothing can compares to this one. It feels like I know you for a long time. Maybe we had met in another space? 

talking about future // Sunday, 16 October 2016
Today I feel like sharing my thought to you all. Im in this phase where Im spending all seconds thinking about how Im gonna be after graduate and my relationship with my boyfriend.

In the middle of year 2017, we will finish our study in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons). Im thinking of staying here , doing part time, till I get a real job. Im so afraid of this world, will it be easy to get job in this Najib governance and my lack of graphic skill compared to my friends. It is real competition out there. 

and about my boyfriend. We have already talk about this and I always want to change the topic because I know how it feels to be parted. I cant even go a day without him. Even a week is a true hell for me. As we start dating at the end of semester 5,we dont always study together. and now we are in internship phase, he said that he want to create memories at campus- studying together with me. He has something that he wants to achieve in his life, and Im as his girlfriend support his decision eventho Im not 100% agree with that.We both have different aim in life and I dont know what future holds but I hope that our path crossed and we can get married and have a baby boy like you always want.

 that day will come and I will patiently wait and maybe theres more to this ups and downs of our relationship and I will fight for this like you always said, fight for us. 

Get yourself together // Thursday, 6 October 2016
Damn I miss blogging so much. My laptop has been acting weird lately so I sent it to workshop yesterday so yeah, its fine now. Im thinking of buying another laptop/pc for my final year but it requires a lot of money.

Im thinking of doing a dropship to support my finance. what do you think ? :)

and on 1st October something memorable happen between me and my bf and Im gonna remember it for the rest of my life. I love you sayang